Space Invaders

Instant Delivery • Digital Gift

Space Invaders is a digital gift for hackers: programmers, sysadmins and computer enthusiasts.

It's a digital quest. It starts with a picture that contains a clue, which leads to another one, and another one... In the end a secret greetings message is revealed.

Each quest is unique. We will generate a personalized card based on the data you enter here.

Check out How It Works and FAQ for more information.

The name will appear on the front of the card. Use your friend's nickname to make it more personal.
This message will be revealed when they complete the puzzles. They will not know who sent the card, so don't forget to add a signature.


It was the most insane way to wish me happy birthday. Thank you all so much for an amazing experience!

Vlad, Software Engineer at Google

This is one of the best and the geekiest birthday presents I've ever received!

Burak, Senior DevOps at Deliveroo