Q: What is a digital gift?
A: It's an image file with secret message on it. You can email it to your friend or print and hand it over in person.

Q: What's on the picture?
A: The picture has recipient’s name and a secret tag embedded. 

Q: How will my greetings message be displayed?
A: The last stage of the puzzle has a mini game. Your message will appear when the recipient wins the game.

Q: Will they know who the gift is from?
A: No, unless you want them to. If you want to reveal the gift was from you, put your name somewhere in the greetings message.

Q: What email should I use for checkout?
A: Use your personal email address, we'll send the unique digital gift there. You can then forward it over to your friend. Alternatively, we could anonymously send it from our custom email address, let us know if you'd prefer that!

Q: How hard are the puzzles?
A: Just the right amount of hard — we tested them on software engineers that just graduated college and the ones who have a “senior” title in top tech companies. Everybody loved it!

Q: How long does it take to solve it?
A: Anywhere from 30 minutes to several days.

Q: Can you give an example of a task in a quest?
A: 1111001 1100101 1110011

Q: How much is the shipping?
A: Free. It's a digital gift.

Q: How fast will it be delivered?
A: Instantly. It's a digital gift.

Q: Wait, what if I have more questions?
A: See “Contact Us” link below