When people solve Hacker Gifts puzzles, we ask them for their feedback about their experience.

How fun was the overall experience?

As you can see, 97% of people rated us ★★★★ or ★★★★★.

We also asked them if they'd send a similar gift to their friends:

How likely would you send such postcard to your friends?

While crafting the puzzles, we pay really close attention to the difficulty of the challenges. Here's what people think about it:

How difficult were the puzzles?

And here's some anonymized feedback submitted after completing the puzzles:

  • "I got it as a gift and as a CTF fan it was really original, I liked it a lot! Maybe it's time to think about how to make it harder ;)"
  • "This was a very fun experience"
  • "Love the idea of a giftable puzzle. Congrats and great job!"
  • "This is a very fun and exciting challenge. Well done, keep up the good work! I really loved the challenge. It was super cool."
  • "Cool idea"
  • "I really loved the experience. I realized that there are a lot of things that I need to learn to be able to breeze through it. But the challenges were so much fun, and kept me engaged and thinking about all of my skills to solve! This was awesome!"
  • "Great challenges, had lots of fun!"
  • "maybe some more tasks? :)"
  • "I have no idea how my gf found this but it was fun, thanks :)"
  • "really great challenge, would be like to participate in many other challenges"
  • "Enjoyed it!"
  • "Thank you. It is wonderful to get a little extra that was not anticipated. Good solid little ctf challenge..."
  • "Really good puzzles this was really fun!"
  • "Very fun!"
  • "it was really cool!"
  • "You killed my work day)))"
  • "Keep it up!"
  • "Awesome Idea!"
  • "Thanks a lot! It was very cool!"
  • "everything is great and I had a lot of fun! Thanks"
  • "It was great!"
  • "Postcards with easier or harder challenges. I would definitely buy a couple of these for friends. Thank you"
  • "Really funny to play ! Good job :D"
  • "Very clever, really enjoyed it!"
  • "This was so much fun!!"
  • "Super cool idea and great execution"
  • "It's really fun!! Thanks for designing this game!!"
  • "No, it was challenging but I managed to solve it so it felt very rewarding!"
  • "Looking forward on new challenges"
  • "Best Birthday gift EVER"
  • "make it harder :D"
  • "None, that was a lot of fun!"
  • "Thank you! I enjoyed the experience"
  • "This was absolutely excellent. Loved it. I hope there are many more variations."
  • "really amazing thing! super awesome idea and was a great christmas gift to recieve :))"
  • "it was great fun, and achievable too"
  • "amazing. well done."
  • "Super fun! thanks!"
  • "That's was really great!"
  • "Awesome experience, thanks"
  • "Keep going. Was amazing."
  • "it was great!"
  • "Super fun! Thanks for making :)"
  • "Loved it! Was super fun, A++++ would do again"
  • "Great fun puzzle. Thank you!"
  • "Fantastic, great level for me personally"
  • "This was really cool, and the best Birthday card I ever received."
  • "Fun! Make some more!"
  • "thank you! this is truly an awesome postcard"
  • "I loved it, a really good gift from my (I have now decided) wife to be."
  • "This was lots of fun!"
  • "Thanks for the fun distraction, very well done :)"
  • "make more pls ^_^"
  • "lovely puzzle"
  • "Super fun! Thank you!"
  • "perfect length. loved it."
  • "just need to know who sent it :D"
  • "Overall a great experience. It was very similar to a CTF challenge"
  • "All good"
  • "Another couple of levels :)"
  • "this was really cool, would definitely do more challenges like this"
  • "that was fun! wish I could keep doing puzzles like this instead of work"
  • "This was awesome i want to send it to everyone."
  • "Thanks, that was fun! :-) After finishing, I wished it had a few more puzzles, but at the same time the puzzles would need to include a hint along the way that shows this isn't a recruiter ad."
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