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Digital Treasure Hunt For Kids Who Love Coding

Jess started programming when she was 14. You could tell she’s really into it: while the other kids were playing computer games, Jess would spend hours building her own. There’s a spark in her eyes every times she talks about computers.

We make digital treasure hunts for kids like Jess. They contains a series of puzzles that are very rewarding to solve, learning along the way.

It’s a “hacker in the movies” experience. The kids have to decode hidden messages, crack passwords and use remote server’s terminal. It’s an awesome opportunity to learn many new things about encodings, security and command line tools.

However, this treasure hunt is not for every young coder. We don’t recommend Hacker Gifts for kids who are “kind of into programming but not really”. It’s likely not going to work if you don’t see that unstoppable enthusiasm and excitement about computers.


How it works

Go to the Space Invaders puzzle page, specify their name (or nickname) that will appear on the card. Type in a secret message that’s going to be revealed to them at the end of the treasure hunt.

After you place an order, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the puzzle image. Go to that page and download the puzzle. You can print it or send as-is via e-mail or any messaging app.

You can also spice it up: tell them you found this in the cafe or it’s a test from secret programming school.

Order confirmation page

That image is a puzzle that will lead them to another puzzle, and so on and so forth. After solving the last puzzle the young hacker will see the secret message you specified when placing the order.

We also provide a list of hints. If you feel like they are stuck, give them that list. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn new things!

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