Exceptional Experience

How to impress a software engineer with a gift?

A keyboard? But which one?

A Raspberry Pi? They already have 3 of them.

Here’s the secret — the best gift is a memorable experience.

Here you can find something special.

Something they’ve never seen before.

Something they’ll remember.

Puzzle Hunt for Hackers

The puzzle works like this:

You send the person an image with their name on it. When they look at it the proper way, they’ll see a hint, which leads them to the next level. The next level is just a bunch of random symbols, however there’s something special about the pattern in the beginning…

Every stage of the puzzle is an intellectual challenge: find a hidden password, decrypt a message, crack an access key, login to a remote server, etc.

Some people say the process of solving these feels like being the hero in a movie about hackers.

After all the puzzles have been solved, the secret message is revealed.

Every puzzle card is unique. When placing your order, you’ll add a name and a secret message that’s revealed at the end of the puzzle hunt.

★ It's like CTF, but personalized
★ It's like ICFPC, but shorter
★ It's like an escape room, but all digital and requires coding skills

Curiosity and Coding Required

This gift is best for software and information security engineers, devops, indie developers, and students who love computer science.

A quick way to test if this present is good for your friend: ask them “What is Base64?” If the explanation makes sense to you and you see a spark in their eyes, this gift is definitely a perfect fit.

But it’s not for everyone. Some people write software 9-to-5 and don’t like to fiddle with programming outside working hours (nothing wrong with that!). They will technically be able to solve the puzzle, however if they lack curiosity they won’t enjoy it as much.

Solving the puzzle requires a minimum of 2 years of programming (or computer science university) experience. Not only for the coding part, but there are things like HEX-encoded binary files, that a person new to programming won’t be able to recognize. If your friend needs a little nudge, your order confirmation page will have hints on how to solve the puzzle.

If you are still unsure whether your friend is a good fit, shoot us an email.


What’s better than same-day delivery? Instant delivery!

All you need to do is enter the recipient’s name and the secret message, that’s going to be revealed at the end of the puzzle hunt. After placing your order you’ll get it delivered to your email right away!

The gift itself is a small image file with your friend’s name on it. It’s all they need: the image contains a hint for how to access the challenge, which will lead to another one, and another one, until they reach the end and your secret message.

There’s a million ways to give this to your friend: send over email or chat, print as a postcard or as a giant framed picture, put it on a flash drive and ask a local barista to hand it to them the next time they visit the corner coffee shop.

What’s also nice is that there’s a page where you can see your friend’s progress.

Giving Awesome Gifts Feels Awesome

The team behind Hacker Gifts is some of the geekiest people on the planet. We made Hacker Gifts for people just like us.

And the hackers love it! Here’s some data to prove it →


It was the most insane way to wish me happy birthday. Thank you all so much for an amazing experience!

Vlad, Software Engineer at Google

This is one of the best and the geekiest birthday presents I've ever received!

Burak, Senior DevOps at Deliveroo

Boom! I've never seen anything like that before. It wasn't easy but it was 100% worth it!

Helios, Software Engineer at Square

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