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  • "Never seen anything like this before"

    I received this as a holiday present from a Secret Santa and was totally hooked. It felt like being in a movie about hackers, trying to crack a secret code.

    Burak, Software Engineer at Meta 
  • ★★★★★

    It's definitely the most thoughtful and geekiest gift I've ever received.

    What an insane way to wish me a happy birthday :)

    Vlad, Software Engineer at Google 
  • Rated 4+ stars by 97%

    Programmers who completed the puzzle said it was the most original, unusual and memorable experience unlike any other.

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An escape room for computer geeks

Wrap your greeting message into an intricate puzzle.

We take your greeting message and hide it behind a series of challenges. Each challenge requires technical skills to solve: programming, decoding data and using command line tools.

The puzzle has medium complexity. It's challenging enough to be fun and rewarding, but unlike professional CTF challenges, it doesn't require deep security expertise. Most engineers with 2+ years of experience will be able to crack it.

Great for: software engineers, security engineers, data scientists, frontend engineers, backend engineers, blockchain hackers, engineering managers, computer science students, teenagers who love coding.

Not a good fit for: designers, product managers, software developers early in their career, engineers with less than 1 year of experience.


Sales end 2024

  • 8 challenges

    Including: find hidden password, decode secret information, hack into a server, destroy alien monsters & more.

  • 2+ hours of fun

    More experienced folks will be able to solve it within one hour, others might take a day. Either way, it's a thrilling and fun experience.

  • Personalized to them

    The digital postcard has their name inprinted on it. We also use the name in many puzzles to make them more personal.

  • Your secret message

    At the end of the puzzle they'll see your custom greeting message. Use it to reveal who you are, or congratulate them on being awesome.

  • Delivered instantly

    When you place your order, our servers will generate a custom puzzle and send it right into your inbox. Once you have the digital postcard, you can send it via email or iMessage

  • Last chance to buy

    On Dec 24, 2023 the sales will be closed. The puzzle will be solvable until Jan 1st, 2024.



What is a digital gift?

Digital gift is an image file with secret code embedded into it. It looks like a picture of a postcard with person's name on it and a random black&white pattern.

How will my greetings message be displayed?

The last stage of the puzzle is the old-school Space Invaders computer game game. Your message will appear when the recipient clears the first level of the game.

Will they know who the gift is from?

No, unless you want them to. If you want to reveal the gift was from you, put your name somewhere in the greetings message.

How can I send it anonymously?

The best way to send a puzzle anonymously is to transfer it to a physical medium (e.g. print it on a sheet of paper or put it on a flash drive) and leave it in a noticeable place with receiver's name on it.

You can also create a new email account on a private servers like ProtonMail. But be aware that your message could end up in spam or look suspicious to the person you are sending to.

Will I know they solved it?

Yes! When you place your order you'll get a link in your inbox that leads to a webpage that will show you the puzzle progress: not started, working on it, finished.

Can I change the info after I ordered a puzzle?

You can't change the name, as it's already displayed on the puzzle's image.

But you can change the secret message that's revealed when the puzzle is solved.

What email should I use for checkout?

Use your personal email address, we'll send the unique digital gift there. You can then forward the digital postcard over to your friend.

Don't specify your friend's email at checkout because they will get all the order information (including your name, price, secret message etc.)

How hard are the puzzles?

Just the right amount of hard — we tested them on software engineers that just graduated college and the ones who have a “senior” title in top tech companies. Everybody loves it!

How long does it take to solve it?

Depends on how skilled the reciever is! Anywhere from 30 minutes to several days.

Can you give an example of a challenge?

1111001 1100101 1110011

How much is the shipping? How fast?

The shipping is free. It's a digital gift & it's delivered to your inbox instantly after you place your order.

What if they don't like it?

Sorry, no refunds offered at this time.

Can I get this for my team?

Absolutely yes! We sold batches of puzzles to secutity teams at big tech companies, meetup organizers & recruiters.

Send an email to to get started.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

E-mail address:

Phone number: +1 805-265-0211‬

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